We offer a range of free services to local busniess


Secret shopper

Are sales opportunities missed through poor customer service?

Are the products or services being delivered consistently?

How are your staff performing when you are not there?

Feedback and information are powerful tools for refinement and improvement.

You are not just selling a product.

It does not matter if you are  selling a four dollar cup of coffee or a $120 pair of shoes,

is it's not just the physical product  the customers want, its  a good experience.

People spend money for two reasons, to solve a problem or to make them feel good.

 If you can do both, give the customer the product they want consistently and a good experience they will keep coming back.


 It doesn't matter if it's a cup of coffee, a meal or a short-term stay for a business person in a hotel.

 Customers want a consistent product of reasonable quality as well as an affordable price.

Are your standard operating procedures working to achieve a positive outcome or do they need to be updated?


Your first point of contact may be the webpage, but what happens when a customer rings the phone number on that website?

Are you getting your messages?

Do your staff know enough about the products and services offered by your company?

Do the staff gather the relative and much needed information to pass on to the appropriate person or department to ensure a swift and professional response?

Are the staff handling your first point of contact able to efficiently pass on leads and enquiries to the relevant people?

Can the staff member speaking to your potential customer make this a positive experience?

While it sounds like only a small thing, chances are you are not the only business that the prospective customer is contacting and it's surprising how inefficient internal communication effects sales.

Where to start?

Contact us directly if you wish to have a confidential discussion about any concerns.

We can work with you to help you increase efficiency, bottom line and peace of mind.

We offer an effective service tailored to your needs.

Many services are free to site members / small businesses  in the Brisbane area:


                                      Incoming enquiries 

                                   Both phone and email based.

                                   Telephone secret shoppers (Attitude phone manner and information).

                                   Email secret shoppers (speed and content of reply).

                                   Short site visit/secret shopper service (Depending on location)

                                   In-store customer interaction.

Paid services:

                      Comprehensive site visits are available on request.

                       Development and implementation of standard operating procedures.

                                       Staff management.

                                       Performance reviews in many areas.

                                       Product and service development.

                                       Product presentation and service representation.

                                       Food safety procedures and training.

                                       Workplace health & safety.