When Employers Lie

Sadly some employers still take advantage and lie to job applicants.

A short term job advertised and represented as full time, long term position. A common deception especially around Christmas time. With this deception usually comes a set salary, a large work load and empty promises.

Sadly for young people, inexperienced with this more ruthless type of employer the effect can be devastating. The loss of self confidence and shattered dreams can lead to the person giving up on the job hunt or worse.


Do you look the part for the job you want?

The atmosphere and feel


The first thing you sell in any business is the business. The look feel and sometimes even the smell will make people decide whether they can step in the door if they do how long they'll stay.


When it comes to the look and feel of the business and their staff the main words being used are: Professional, Positive, Appropriate, Branding, Image.


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