May I lick your dog’s but?

May I lick your dog’s but?

I need to get this flavour out of my mouth.

This morning’s coffee (I struggle to call it that) from a regular cafe left very little  to be desired.

The first sip of coffee was so bad it was a shock to the system. 

Second sip, I had to try it again because I could not believe it was so bad. 

The third slip (I NEED Caffeine).  The horror was real!

I asked a man walking his dog, if I could lick the dogs but to get the flavour out of my mouth.

His reply, you will have to wait till I have finished. 
He had a take away cup from the same place.
He stated the walk with his dog for his morning coffee was usually one of the highlights of his day but, this was more like cruel and unusual punishment.

Consistency Please!

Great coffee in the morning 
Average at lunchtime
Absolute rubbish in the afternoon 

3 Different people making the coffee. 

A Consistent Product is VERY important. 

Even if it is consistently rubbish, look at some of the major names in take a way food & Bev.
There products and service are consistent where ever you go.
They even use the same colours & furniture in each establishment, this is done for a reason, it’s comforting and humans don’t like change.

 You walk in knowing what you are going to get.

I can drink a well made coffee with no sugar. 
The problem is they are getting very hard to find, so now days I order a Mocha with extra chocolate.

Standard recipes for food and beverages are your friend.

A consistent quality product will give you regular customers and help you control costs.

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