Food wastage.

Always check with your local council regarding food safety. Believe or not , they often have good ideas.

Yes, there are articles about the impact on the environment and yes, it is important but how about the impact on the bottom line?

 Next to rent and wages, food costs are a major issue.

 Money is tight everywhere, and I see this too often for the wrong reasons, especially in cafes.

 Not only is it money going into the bin, in some cases you're paying other people to then take the bin away for you.

Educate staff

A lot of it can be fixed simply by educating staff what the value of that item is they just dropped in the bin rather than taking a few seconds and a little bit of extra care that is needed to utilise more of or the whole product.  Even worse, I saw somebody bin something rather than walk back the fridge. 

Ask your customers.

Used coffee grinds are awesome in pot plants and Gardens.

 Put up a simple sign and ask if anyone would like some to take away.

At the very least it will help you to establish that you are an environmentally friendly business.

  A better stock sauce, gravy or soup.

 I know it’s old school but has anyone bothered even to taste the stuff they are calling gravy or source?

In Some establishments stove pot space and time are in short supply.  But if you do have a quiet time of day where you can throw a pot on the stove and let it simmer for a while, it is well worth doing.

You will get a superior quality product, and you will save money.

  Meat and certain veggie scraps.

 Meat offcuts and some veggie offcuts with just a few minutes of thought can be turned into really nice gravy base.

 Throw those made offcuts (Mince, bacon rind etc.) into a hot pot on the stove and let them color.

Once it seared (the meat has colour all over it from touching the bottom of the pan) all over, add tomato onion carrot scraps.  Stir it around a little and let it cook for a good 10 minutes or so, cover with water, bring it to the boil then turn it down and let it simmer.

When the liquid content has boiled away, down to about half. Time to decide what you Want to do.

 Source, gravy, stock or soup.

 If you need a source / gravy, you just strain the meat scraps and vegetables out of the pot saving the liquid.

Season and thickened to taste.

Thickening, you can use that powdered gravy mix as a thickening agent.

To season, get yourself a clean teaspoon and paste it (use a teaspoon once only).  I know it sounds strange, try adding a little bit of barbecue sauce to it and maybe some tomato sauce if you want a nice tang.


Stew, casserole or base for a similar product.

If there are no bones in the port, you can put a stick blender on the pot and liquidise its contents.

This will leave you with a thick, dense flavoursome base.

 Season and thicken as above, depending on its use.


 It's not the same everywhere.

 Because of Council regulations (yes, you should check) in many heavily populated areas, it has become impractical to try and establish an organic/composting network. Or even give away suitable food scraps.

 If you're lucky enough to live/work in a semi-rural area, you have other options.

 In the past, I have given some waste to the customers who have thanked me for letting them take away.  No, I'm not kidding.

 Put up a simple sign and find out, some of your customers will be thankful to take this stuff off your hands for nothing, rather than you having to pay someone to take away.

 Depending on what part of the world you're operating in, some of your customers may have goats, horses and chickens.

  Or maybe there's a pony club nearby?

Lettuce leaves, leaves and basis of Broccoli, cauliflowers, salary, carrot peelings and offcuts.

 Be sure to be in the onion scraps and anything else incompatible separately.

Some establishments are already starting to use organic or composting bins. So as well as their standard recycling (glass, cardboard, fryer oil etc.), staff are separating compostable or organic food scraps for disposal by other methods.

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